The entire game was done in PICO-8 ( altrought I used Visual Studio Code for the code)

The game takes place in the sky,

You're a little ball, a gladiator, and your purpose is to push your opponents off the plateform. For that, you need to get the right angle, adjust your power and rush toward the ennemies.

You have 3 powerups to help you:

  • Attacks: you are charging your power faster
  • Defense: when you're pushed, you are more stable
  • Life: you get +1 life


The game can be played by 4 players simultanousely (on the same screen). 

  • You can choose up to 4 real players
  • Or you can choose up to 3 bots

The controls are a little bit messy, but it's due to the limitation of PICO-8 assigned keys. The keys are for QWERTY but you can also play with AZERTY

  • Player 1: 
    • turn left: down key
    • turn right: right key
    • charge: up key
  • Player 2: 
    • turn left: D
    • turn right: F
    • charge: E
  • Player 3: 
    • turn left: N
    • turn right: M (or , for AZERTY)
    • charge: up key
  • Player 4: 
    • turn left: <TAB>
    • turn right: Q (or A for AZERTY)
    • charge: S

Unfornatly, I didn't put musics, because i'm litteraly too bad to make a decent one.

I hope you'll enjoy it! 

Have a nice day.


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